Daily routines and playtimes provide opportunities for all children to learn. This blog explores practical ways that caregivers and professionals can promote child development.

mother reading to child

Encouraging Language Development (by Sarah Isaacs)

You can help your child develop language and literacy skills during regular activities without needing special time each day.
mother comforts child with head on her lap

Providing Trauma-Informed Supports (by Meghan Burke)

The Early Childhood Collective (ECC) has a list of resources for training to increase awareness for everyone in this vital work with young children. For the list, see the collective’s Trauma and Neglect resource bundle.
parent and child reading

Tech Talk (by Meghan Burke)

Today, parenting means finding a balance between time spent on devices and screen-free time. This isn’t so different from days
mother and child

Planning for Summer (by Meghan Burke)

The summer can be a fun and challenging time. It can be liberating to not have school or daily routines.
boy and girl playing with puppets

Siblings as Role Models for Children With Disabilities (by Meghan Burke)

The sibling relationship is often the longest lasting family connection.
child peeking head out of box

You Have Everything You Need: Using Household Items for Early Intervention (by Hsiu-Wen Yang)

You play an important role in your child’s everyday experiences. You help your child grow stronger through play.