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Improving outcomes for children and families is the central focus of the Illinois Early Intervention Program (EI). To evaluate the effectiveness of EI in achieving family outcomes, families are sent a text with a link to the “Family Outcomes Survey” shortly after they leave EI. The survey includes questions focused on understanding children’s strengths, abilities, and needs, and EI’s ability to help them develop and learn.

Why is the Family Outcomes Survey (FOS) Important?

  • Measures family outcomes and tells us about the changes experienced by families as a result of EI services and supports received.
  • Determines the helpfulness of EI program for federal reporting.
  • Helps determine program improvements for future EI families.

How do families receive the FOS?

  • All families who exit the early intervention system receive an invitation to complete the Family Outcomes Survey via text message.
  • Sending this via text allows the survey to be delivered in a more timely manner, closer to their exit from EI, and will allow reminders to be sent to families.
  • The goal is to receive feedback from a representative group of families in order to improve Illinois’ EI system and understand how EI has helped families.

How is this information used?

  • States use the results to measure family outcomes and determine the helpfulness of early intervention.
  • States are required to report on the percent of families participating in Part C who report that early intervention (EI) services have helped their family:
    • Know their rights;
    • Effectively communicate their children’s needs
    • Help their children develop and learn
  • Your answers can help to shape early intervention for all families.

What can I do to support the FOS?

  • As a family, you can complete the survey as soon as possible and select the option for each item that best describes your family.
  • As a provider, be sure that the family’s cell phone number is current and encourage families with whom you work to complete the survey as soon as they receive it.

You can view a PDF of the Family Outcomes Survey on the Early Intervention Training Project (EITP) page.