Lending Library

A collection of books, journals, and DVDs related to early childhood, parenting, and young children with special needs.
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Resources for EI Staff & Providers

Providers and EI Staff can access video credentialing lists, the Central Directory, and other useful resources.
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Resources for Families

Families can find out how to get started in early intervention, read about other families' experiences, and access our free lending
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Important Updates

Informational session to be presented on the Prenatal to Three (PN3) Coalition – Dec 10, 2020

  • Illinois Prenatal to Three Policy Agenda
  • Recent COVID-19 Information for Families
  • Illinois Physicians and Primary Early Intervention Referral Sources – 10/08/20
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Transition from Early Intervention (EI) to School Services During COVID-19 – 10/09/20
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Resuming In-Person Visits for Families in Early Intervention – 08/26/20
  • Early Intervention COVID-19 Guidance – 03/16/20
  • FFY2020 – Annual State Grant Application under Part C of IDEA
  • Illinois State Systemic Improvement Plan