Summer Newsletter focuses on Speech and Language Development

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The Summer 2021 edition of the Early Intervention Clearinghouse newsletter is available on our website in English and Spanish. Our main story looks at how speech and language are the most common delays in early intervention. We also have a story on the role of speech pathologists in early intervention. There’s also a list of books on speech development that can be accessed through the clearinghouse library. This newsletter also includes our latest tip sheet, Everyday Early Intervention: Encouraging Speech Development, which includes lots of suggestions on how families can help promote their child’s speech and language development. We also provide some ideas on how to safely get out and enjoy the outdoors as the pandemic still lingers as well as updated information for families on early intervention services during Illinois’ Phase 5 of the pandemic. You can find all previous issues of the Early Intervention Clearinghouse newsletter on our website in English and Spanish.

Check Out Our Resource Guides on Speech and Language Development

The clearinghouse has a number of resource guides that can introduce you to important books, videos, and information resources available from the EI Clearinghouse. Check out these guides.

Order Our EI Parent Pack Today

Whether your early intervention is in-person or via live video visits, infants, toddlers, and their families can keep working on EI outcomes. The EI Clearinghouse has put together a parent pack of selected tip sheets, a beach ball, a pen, a bookmark, and two KN95 masks. You can have this all shipped to your home by filling out our online form.