Directions for Public Libraries

EI Clearinghouse Library materials should be returned through the Illinois Library Delivery Service (ILDS).

Outdoor book return

If a patron returns EI Clearinghouse materials to your library, and your library is not a direct delivery location on the Illinois Library Delivery Service, just attach the ILDS routing slip with a rubber band to the item and return it through your regional delivery system.

  • You can print ILDS routing slips
  • The Illinois Heartland Library System Champaign Office code is ZCH.
  • The Early Intervention Clearinghouse ILDS code is IEIS.

Participant Location Instructions for Illinois libraries and regional library system headquarters that are direct delivery locations on the Illinois Library Delivery Service.

Frequently asked questions about ILDS

If you have any questions about returning EI Clearinghouse materials through ILDS, please call us at 217-333-1386 or email us at