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Early intervention (EI) programs, CFC offices, and providers around our state have suspended in-person visits. However, infants, toddlers, and their families can keep working on EI outcomes. The EI Clearinghouse has put together this set of selected tip sheets with ideas about how infants and toddlers can keep learning during play and daily routines. We hope these resources help you start to think about everyday moments in the kitchen, when doing the laundry, or playing on the couch and turn them into opportunities for Everyday Early Intervention with your family. In addition, please contact us to request books and DVDs for you and your child to use at home.

For more information from the Illinois Department of Human Services regarding early intervention services during this time, see

Also visit Early Intervention Training Program COVID-19 resources (Using Live Video Visits in EI During COVID-19 training for providers) and Provider Connections COVID-19 resources.

Tip Sheets for Families on Teletherapy (Live Video Visits)

Everyday EI Tip Sheets

To request your own print packet of the Everyday EI Tip Sheets, click below.

We encourage you to take care of your mental and physical health during this challenging time. For more information about resources in our state related to COVID-19 and early childhood learning and development, check out this comprehensive resource list from the Illinois Early Learning Project titled Learning at Home During Trying Times or additional resources found at Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development COVID-19 Resources.