Everyday Early Intervention: Indoor Fun

Indoor play can be great for working on early intervention outcomes. Positive interactions between you and your child are key to supporting your child’s development. Here are some fun ideas to do with your child, using only materials you might find around your house.

Build a Car

Use empty cardboard boxes or laundry baskets, and your imagination, to make cars or trains. Have your toddler sit in the box and pretend to drive! Get those fine motor skills working by decorating the box with crayons, colored pencils, or stickers.

Race Through the Obstacle Course

Set up a fun course in your house. Your child can jump over socks, crawl under a table, or lie flat and roll on the ground. Build on your child’s gross motor skills through these big movement activities.

Play a Game

Play some child favorites like hide-and-seek, peek-a-boo, and the “so big” game. Have your child repeat the familiar verses such as “peek-a-boo” or “Where Is Kimmy?” to increase their vocabulary and oral language development.

Have a Dance Party

Put on favorite music and dance with your child. Stop and start the music to freeze and dance again. Your child is developing social-emotional skills by watching you and copying your moves.

Publication date: 2021