Requesting a device

How can I request an iPad or hotspot for EI visits?

  • Complete the request form on our Technology Loan Program page.
  • Be sure to complete all fields and reply to the confirmation text/phone call/email sent to you to ensure a quick delivery.

How are devices shipped?

  • Devices are shipped using United Parcel Services (UPS).
  • A signature is required for delivery.
  • After three delivery attempts the device will be returned to us.

When can I expect the device to be delivered?

  • Devices are usually delivered 1-2 days after shipping.
  • We include family’s email on UPS notifications.
  • Those notifications include a tracking number.

Using the device

How do I get started with the device?

  • A Quickstart guide is included with every device.
  • Charge the device.
  • Power the device on.
  • Enter the password listed on the front of the device.

I have never used an iPad. Is it easy to use?

  • Most iPad users find that it is not difficult to use.
  • The touchscreen is very responsive.
  • Open the apps by touching them gently.

What apps are provided on the iPads?

  • We include the following apps:
    • several video meeting apps (Zoom, Teams, Amazon Chime)
    • the CDC milestones tracker app
    • 2 eBook apps (CloudLibrary and Libby)
    • Chrome
  • Additional apps may be downloaded using an Apple ID (not provided).

Can I use the iPad for email?

  • Families can use their own Apple ID to download apps to the iPad.
  • Create an Apple ID using a current email that you have access to and then create a password.

How does a hotspot work?

  • A hotspot provides internet access much like a home’s wireless modem or router.
  • The hotspot name & password are included with the hotspot.


I forgot my password. Who can help me?

  • Text (847) 231-2475 or email to request a password reset remotely.

Zoom is asking for a password. What is my password?

  • Users create a Zoom password when they create an account. We do not know the zoom password.
  • Zoom can also be used without logging in. Providers should send the meeting code and password to the family in order to connect for visits.

How can I create an account on the Zoom app?

  • The family does not need to download the Zoom app because is already on the iPad.
  • The EI providers should share the meeting ID and password and the family will be able to connect for a live video visit.

Renewing the device

I received an overdue notice. I thought that I could keep the device until my child turns three. When do I need to renew the device?

  • Families may keep the device as long as they are using it for early intervention services. Due dates are initially set for 3-4 months in most cases. At that point, contact us to renew it.
  • In the box with the device, we send important information about the device, information about how to renew, and instructions on how to return it.

Can I renew the device?

  • Devices can be renewed by contacting the Clearinghouse
    • by text: (847) 231-2475
    • by email:
    • by phone: 877-275-3227
  • Devices can be renewed until the family transitions out of early intervention services.

How long is the loan period?

  • A typical loan period for technology is 3-4 months, as long as a child does not age out of EI or terminate services during that time.
  • Contact us to renew it.

Returning the device

How can I return the iPad or hotspot?

  • A prepaid UPS label is included with the device when it is shipped to the family.
  • If the prepaid label is missing, we can email or mail a replacement.
  • Families will need to drop off the box with the iPad or hotspot at a UPS drop location near them to be shipped back. That cost is covered by the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse.

What happens to messages or photos when I return the iPad?

  • Families can back up data to their iCloud account using their Apple ID and account.
  • iPads are immediately reset to factory settings upon return to our office. This permanently removes all personal information and data from the iPad.