Everyday Early Intervention: Outdoor Fun

child with magnifying glass

Outdoor play can be great for working on early intervention outcomes. Positive interactions between you and your child are key to supporting your child’s development. Here are some fun ideas to do with your child, using only materials you might find around your house. 

Notice the Outdoors

Go on a walk with your infant or toddler. Talk about what you see and hear outside. What do you notice – bugs, leaves, clouds, trees? Your child is developing their vocabulary and language skills! 

Practice Walking on Different Surfaces

Try going up and down stairs. Hold on to the railing! Try walking up and down ramps, balancing, and working on gross motor skills. What about on snow, grass, leaves, or gravel? Cheer your child on!  

Say Hello!

If you see a neighbor on your walk outside, show your child how to say “hello.” There are many ways to connect with others, such as waving, saying hi or hello, and even using your AAC device. All of these are ways to practice social skills in your community. 

Have a Snack Picnic

When you go to the park, you can stop for a snack break! Toddlers love finger food like Cheerios and cheese cubes. While your child uses their fingers to pick up their snack, they are working on improving fine motor control. 

Publication date: 2021