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Live video visits (i.e., telehealth or teletherapy) enable you to receive EI services during COVID-19. Live video visits are new to Illinois’ EI system and are being offered during the pandemic. Here are some questions you may have about live video visits.

What Are Live Video Visits?

Live video visits are EI services provided through the Internet. You and your EI provider will be present in real time. Over an Internet platform, you will see and hear your EI provider. Internet platforms vary; platforms may include Skype and Zoom.

Who Provides Live Video Visits?

Your service coordinator and EI provider may provide live video visits. Just like during in-person EI visits, the live video visit will include coaching. Specifically, your EI provider will coach you in using EI strategies with your child. The coaching may include joint planning between you and the EI provider, reflection on your own practices with your child, feedback from the EI provider about ways to support your child, observations the EI provider uses to learn about your family interactions, and suggestions for actions/activities (e.g., strategies, modeling) to help you meet your goals.

Where and When Can Live Video Visits Be Provided?

Your service coordinator will contact you to explain live video visits. You and your EI provider decide how you will receive your EI services. If live video visits are selected, you will schedule the live video visit at a convenient time/date. To ensure privacy, we encourage you to conduct the live video visit in a quiet area of your home, to the extent possible.

Why Provide Live Video Visits?

During COVID-19, live video visits are one of the safest ways to receive EI. Illinois has implemented live video visits so you and your family can continue to receive EI services and supports during the pandemic.

Do Live Video Visits Require My Child to Sit in Front of a Screen for an Hour?

Your child does not need to be present for the entire visit. Just like in-person visits, your EI service provides an opportunity for you to receive coaching from your EI provider. It may be helpful for the interventionist to see your interactions with your child or how your child is accomplishing certain tasks, but your child will not need to be in front of the screen for an hour. Your EI visit may also include the provider giving you feedback about strategies to use with your child. Also, if needed, you can split up your EI session into two 30-minute sessions.