Daily Routines Are Learning Times

drawing of bathtub plate and child's clothes

Engage My Brain, Body, and Voice to Help Me Grow

You can help promote healthy development for a child with developmental delays by involving them through conversation and simple actions during regular activities throughout the day. It’s easy as talking to your child about your everyday routines.

Wake Up

  • Help me learn my body parts, clothing names, sequence (first my sock, then my shoe, etc.)


  • Describe texture, taste, colors, opposites (hot/cold, soft/hard)
  • Encourage me to feed myself with a spoon, cup, or my fingers


  • Read to me. Let me read to you
  • Talk about our day together
  • Sing a lullaby, share music

Chore Time

  • Let me help! I can match socks, empty laundry baskets, hold a dustpan or broom, wipe a table, etc.

Bath Time

  • I can follow directions: pour water, grasp toys, scrub myself, name objects
  • Hide my rubber duck under a washcloth and ask me to find it

Publication date: 2016