Live Video Visits & Telehealth

The Early Intervention (EI) program ensures infants and toddlers with developmental delays, certain diagnosed medical conditions, or other factors that put them at risk of substantial delay have the best chance for healthy development. Children can access a range of therapeutic, developmental, and social-emotional services while their families receive coaching and support to further the gains of their children. Live video visits (LVV) are one option for you and your child to receive early intervention services.

Resources for families

Resources for EI providers

  • Telehealth Resource Guide – this topical guide will introduce you to important books, videos, and Web resources available from the EI Clearinghouse.
  • Live Video Visits (Telehealth) Resources from the Early Intervention Training Program – Key resources related to the use of live video visits (aka “telehealth”) in Illinois Early Intervention
  • Mobile Coaching – Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI) and Caregiver Coaching promotes the ability of early intervention providers to coach caregivers to engage their young children in learning as they participate in everyday routines and activities that are meaningful to them
  • 10 Strategies for Engaging Parents (not Children?) during Tele-Intervention – Early interventionists use coaching skills to engage parents during virtual visits conducted using video conferencing technologies
  • Welcoming Families to Mobile Coaching – Mobile coaching has a strong evidence-base and is a tool for providers to use in ongoing supports to families in early intervention
  • Conversation Starters for Providers – These questions and statements can help begin the conversation about choosing a service delivery mode for early intervention
Publication date: 2023     Reviewed: 2024