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Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years
Harvey Karp
William Morrow, 2012
This book offers tips on how to help your newborn, infant, or toddler get the rest they need while also debunking some of the most widely held myths about babies and sleep.
WM 188 .K1481 2012   779244248

Mayo Clinic Guide to Your Baby’s First Year
Da Capo Press, 2012
This book provides a guide to the first 12 months of life with a new baby, including information on feeding, immunizations, development, sleeping, and medical care.
WS 105 .M4545 2012   773023454

Pediatric Sleep Problems: A Clinician’s Guide to Behavioral Interventions
Lisa J. Meltzer. American Psychological Association, 2015
This book presents behavioral interventions for common pediatric sleep problems. Step-by-step instructions show readers how to clinically assess and treat children from toddlers to teenagers, and case examples apply the instructions to real-life scenarios.
WM 188 .M496 2015   895272453

Sleep Better! A Guide to Improving Sleep for Children with Special Needs
Mark Durand
Paul H. Brookes, 2013
From bedtime tantrums to bedwetting, sleep problems can be one of the biggest sources of worry and frustration for parents of children with special needs. Help is here in this down-to-earth, nonjudgmental guide packed with widely tested, easy-to-use techniques that work for all children, with and without disabilities.
WM 188 .D931 2014   855362793
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Sleepless in America: Is Your Child Misbehaving or Missing Sleep?
Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
New York: HarperCollins, 2006
Based on the personal experience of parents as well as up-to-date scientific research, this book focuses on the topic of sleep deprivation and its solutions as a way to look at child behavior and development issues.
WM 188 .K96s 2006   60188150

The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer
Harvey Karp. Penguin Random House, 2015
This fully revised and updated book includes the latest insights into infant sleep, bedsharing, breastfeeding, swaddling, and SIDS risk.
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The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby’s First Year
Alice Callahan. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015
In this friendly guide through the science of infancy, the author explains how nonscientist mothers can learn the difference between hype and evidence. The Science of Mom is a fascinating, eye-opening, and extremely informative exploration of the topics that generate discussion and debate in the media and among parents.
WS 105 .C1304 2015   893389673


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The Brain: Activity, Sleep and Boredom
20-minute DVD
Physical activity and quality sleep are both vital for healthy bodies. Studies suggest that doing “nothing,” and even being bored, is actually very important to how we process the world around us and is key to creativity.
QP 376 .B73asb 2011 707121713

The Happiest Baby on the Block
64-minute DVD
Happiest Baby. 2012
The Happiest Baby reveals a stunning new discovery . . . the calming reflex. It’s almost an “off switch” for crying that all babies are born with. Within just days you’ll boost your baby’s sleep one to three hours every night.
WM 188 .K148dvd 2012 795744238


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We are still adding to this resource guide. Please check back later for additional resources.

Web Resources

The web resources listed below provide quick and easy access to evidence-based online information.

Healthy Sleep: How Many Hours Does Your Child Need?

Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits (EIC)
A parent-friendly tip sheet created by the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse. Also available in Spanish.

Establishing Positive Sleep Patterns for Young Children with

Guidelines on Safe Sleep

Raising a Blind Child: Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep

SIDS: Back to SleepLosing a baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a tragedy that grieves parents, family members, friends, and others who care for the child. The good news is that all of those who provide care for an infant can help reduce the risk of SIDS. Also available in Spanish and Polish.

What Does a Safe Sleep Environment Look Like?

ZZZs, Please! Bedtime for PreschoolersGetting enough sleep is important for your child’s mental and physical development. Although there isn’t one sure way to raise a good sleeper, the key is to try from early on to establish healthy bedtime habits. Also available in Spanish and Polish.

Healthy Sleep Habits