Learn how to find out if your child is eligible for services under the Illinois Early Intervention Program and where to go from there.
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Promote development during trying times with simple activities at home.
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Toolboxes include a collection of digital resources such as websites, articles, and videos related to a common theme.
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Families and providers frequently have questions about different topics in Early Intervention. These topics include our tech loan program, transitioning from EI to school services, and extended services for eligible children.
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Topical guides to important books, videos, and Web resources available from the EI Clearinghouse.
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The Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse is loaning technology to help families in early intervention participate in live video visits, or telehealth.
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Stories of families whose infant or toddler received early intervention (EI) services.
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Daily routines and playtimes provide opportunities for all children to learn. This blog explores practical ways that caregivers and professionals can promote child development.
Links to audio and video related early intervention topics.
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Family-focused, early intervention topics presented in clear, straightforward language.
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Forms commonly used throughout the state in CFC offices.
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A collection of books, journals, and DVDs related to early childhood, parenting, and young children with special needs.
The Early Intervention Clearinghouse newsletter contains family-friendly information and resources available about early intervention.
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This directory is to serve as a statewide resource for families, providers, and other interested groups or individuals to access an array of sources, in accordance with Part C Regulations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
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A collection of public awareness materials about early intervention and early childhood special education for families.
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This page lists links to calendars with conferences, workshops, and other events related to early intervention in Illinois.
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Lists of videos, by topic, that are approved by Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) and available from the EI Clearinghouse.
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Anyone can refer a child to early intervention.
“PIWI” is an acronym for “Parents Interacting with Infants,” and it refers to an early intervention model whose underlying premise is that early development occurs within the context of the family and primary attachment relationships.