Credentialing Credit Videos

Lists of videos, by topic, that are approved by Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) for continuing education and available from the EI Clearinghouse.

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The videos are assigned to a designated core content area.

Continuing Education via Video-Based Training

Since April 2006, a maximum of 5 hours of EI credit via videos may be used for every 30 hours of continuing education submitted for renewal and/or core knowledge area documentation purposes for early intervention professionals. The EI Clearinghouse has worked with the Early Intervention Training Program to identify videos available from the EI Clearinghouse lending library that have been approved for EI credit hours. While providers cannot use video-based training for all of the required training hours, they can apply for credit for at least some of the required hours. Several of these videos can be viewed online.

How Credit Hours are Determined

Video-based credits are based on contact time, so a half-hour video would equal a half hour of credit, a one-hour video would equal one hour of credit, etc. Each video viewed requires the completion of an EI Training Video Credit Request Form, which is to be sent to the EI Training Program when completed. After your information is reviewed and approved, you will receive a Certificate of Credit indicating that you have earned contact hours equal to the video running time (to the nearest quarter hour) to apply toward your EI credential. Please contact the Early Intervention Training Program for more information.

How to order videos

  • Please use our Online Request Form for questions and material requests.
  • Materials check out for 4 weeks
  • You may check out up to 5 items at a time.
  • You may request to renew items 2 times (as long as there is not another request for that item).
  • You will receive information with the books or videos on options for returning the materials.