Anyone can refer a child to early intervention. The program relies most on “primary referral sources” such as parents, physicians and other health care providers, child care providers, social service agencies, and early learning programs.

  • Find a local CFC office: First, talk with the family about your concerns and ask them about any concerns they may have about their child. Call their local Child and Family Connections (CFC) office to request a developmental evaluation. Find a local CFC office or call (800) 843-6154.
  • When possible, please use the standard referral form and fax the completed forms to the family’s local Child and Family Connections (CFC) office.
  • The Early Intervention Training Program’s Early Intervention Referral module includes in-depth information on the referral process.

Once you have made a referral to the program, it is up to the family to decide whether they want to participate.