Toilet Training Children With Special Needs

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Body Care: A Whole Health Curriculum for Young Children
Connie Jo Smith, et al.
Redleaf Press, 2014
Part of the Growing, Growing Strong series, this body care curriculum includes activities and background information to help children develop lifelong healthy habits.
LB 1140.5 .H4S647 2014 829740133
Also available as an eBook

Ellie Needs to Go: A Book About How to Use Public Toilets Safely for Girls and Young Women With Autism and Related Conditions
Kate Reynolds
Jessica Kingsley, 2015
This visual resource helps parents and carers teach girls and young women with autism and related conditions about how to use public toilets safely. It covers the subtleties of social etiquette including where to stand and look, as well as practicalities such as remembering to lock the cubicle door.
WS 460 .R332ell 2015 889733906

Good Going! Successful Potty Training for Children in Child Care
Gretchen Kinnell
Redleaf Press, 2004
This book addresses the issues involved when young children are potty trained in a group setting, such as in the classroom, as well as in the home.
HQ 770.5 .K56 2004 54350049

Healthy Young Children: A Manual for Programs
Susan Aronson (Ed.)
NAEYC, 2012
This manual is an invaluable resource for program directors, consultants working with early childhood programs, teacher educators, professional development staff, and other concerned about keeping children and adults safe and healthy.
LB 1140.5 .H4Ar675 2012 811562388

Lessons from Toilet School: A Family-Centered Approach to Toilet Training
Ann Coleman Stadtler and Claudia Quigg
Bronze Man Books, 2017
Every parent raising a young child eventually asks this question: Is my child ready for toilet training? This book helps families address this question by looking for signs of readiness in the child, while exploring the bigger picture of your family’s experience.
WS 113 .St128 2017   990144206

Toilet Training for Individuals With Autism or Other Developmental Issues
Maria Wheeler
Future Horizons, 2007
This book offers a detailed roadmap for success, including how to gauge readiness, overcome fear of the bathroom, teach how to use toilet paper, flush and wash up and deal with toileting in unfamiliar environments.
WM 203.5 .W563 2007 154686713
Also available as an eBook

Tom Needs to Go: A Book About How to Use Public Toilets Safely for Boys and Young Men With Autism and Related Conditions
Kate Reynolds
Jessica Kingsley, 2015
In this picture book, we join Tom as he is out and about and needs to use a public toilet. It provides parents and carers with the opportunity to teach boys and young men with autism and other special needs how to use urinals and cubicles safely and to understand the social etiquette.
WS 460 .R332 2015 879468558


Toilet Training for Children With Special Needs
45 min; DVD
Developmental Pathways, 2009
Gives advice and procedures for toilet training children with developmental disabilities.
This video can be watched online at JFK Partners Toilet Training for Children with Special Needs

Potty Time
30 min; DVD
Two Little Hands, 2011
Sing, sign and dance your way through potty training with this playful and positive approach which supports any potty training method you choose.
WS 113 .P859 2011 769462506

Tips to Successful Toilet Training
55 min; online
This video, part of the Autism Speaker Series of the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities at the University of Houston Clear Lake.

Toilet Training and Autism
65 min; online
This webinar from the Kentucky Autism Training Center addresses evidence based practices that will help your child become more successful with toilet training.

Autism 209: Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities
116 min; online
Dr. Mendy Minjarez, a behavioral psychologist at Seattle Children’s Autism Center, will review best practices for addressing toilet training goals for children with autism or other developmental disabilities.

Methods in Toilet Training
91 min; online
Dr. Paula Santos presents a seminar for the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles.


Web Resources

Intensive Toilet Training
This short video describes intensive toilet training, a technique that can be used for most children, with and without disabilities.

No More Diapers : Getting Started
This tip sheet for families was developed by the Illinois Early Learning Project. Also available in Spanish and Polish.

No More Diapers: Is Your Child Ready?
This tip sheet for families was developed by the Illinois Early Learning Project. Also available in Spanish and Polish.

Procedures for Toilet Training
This article describes procedures for potty training, including the practices with the most research support, particularly for difficult-to-train children (such as children with disabilities).

Seven Toilet Training Tips that Help Nonverbal Kids with Autism
This article from Autism Speaks provides strategies that help children with autism overcome their toilet training challenges.

Toilet Training Children with Special Needs
Children with an intellectual disability or developmental delay are best toilet-trained one step at a time. This article describes best practices for toilet training children with special needs. Also available in Spanish.

Toilet Training Sequence
This article provides a visual sequence of the steps to take for a young child to toilet train. Also in Spanish.

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