Signing provides children—with and without special needs—a way to express themselves while they continue to develop verbal communication skills.


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Baby Sign Language Basics: Early Communication for Hearing Babies and Toddlers
Monta Z. Briant
Hay House, 2009
This book introduces 60y American Sign Language signs appropriate for use with babies. Signing techniques, songs, and games are included.
BF 723 .C57 B849 2009 54079443

Baby Sign Language for Hearing Babies
Karyn Warburton
Perigee Books, 2006
This illustrated guide explains ways to teach babies simple sign language. Pictures illustrate the suggested signs.
HV 2474 .W254b 2006  69104335

Baby Signing 1-2-3: The Easy-to-Use Illustrated Guide for Every Stage and Every Age
Nancy Cadjan
Sourcebooks, 2007
This book suggests specific signs and methods for different age ranges. The author uses illustrations and simple instructions to help parents and babies learn more than 270 signs.
HV 2474 .C124b 2007  144598102

Sign Language for Babies and Toddlers
Christopher Brown and John Clements
Thunder Bay Press, 2005
This guide helps parents teach basic signs to their babies. It includes an explanation of how baby signing developed and how it can be used effectively.
BF 720 .C65 B877s 2005 60972150

Sign, Sing, and Play! Fun Signing Activities for You and Your Baby
Monta Z. Briant
Hay House, 2006
This book demonstrates playful sign language activities parents can use to interest their babies in learning to sign. It recommends ways to include signing in everyday activities.
HV 2474 .B849s 2006   69859338

Simple Signing with Young Children: A Guide for Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Teachers
Carol Garboden Murray
Gryphon House, 2007
This book helps teachers use and teach sign language to hearing children up to age 6. The book is organized by the age of the child. One chapter focuses on the use of sign language with children who have special needs.
HV 2474 .M981 2007 74568971


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Baby Sign Language Basics
37 minute DVD
Hay House, 2009
This DVD is a companion to the book “Baby Sign Language Basics.” It includes interviews with signing families and shows parents how to incorporate signing into their everyday activities.
BF 723 C57 B849d 2009 406564241

My Baby Can Talk: First Signs
45 minute; DVD
Baby Hands Productions; 2004. For ages 10 months & up.
Gives parents and babies the ability to bridge the gap between the time a baby can communicate with his/her hands and the time a baby can speak. This video includes some of the first words that are most loved by babies, focusing on objects and events that babies are naturally attracted to, such as “book,” “car,” “cat,” “drink,” “eat,”, “go,” “milk,” and more.
HV 2476 .M995f 2004 56781758

Say It with a Sign
30 minute DVD
Timeline Productions, 2003
This video uses a combination of American Sign Language signs, spoken word, written text, still images, animation, live video, and sound effects to hold a baby’s attention while teaching signs.
HV 2474 .S724 2003 Vol. 1 60423587

Signing Songs: For Children of All Ages
67 minute DVD
Gifted Learning Project, 2006
This DVD shows parents and educators how to teach signing by the use of songs to babies or children, including those with special needs.
HV 2476 .S578k 2006 77463384

Signing Time! Nice to Meet You
45 minute DVD
Two Little Hands Productions, 2007
This is the first of 13 volumes in a series. Songs, animation, and visuals are used to teach signs for phrases such as “My name is …” Other volumes in this series are related to days of the week, sports, helping, and more.
HV 2476 S5782 2007 Vol. 1 173298327


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We are still adding to this resource guide. Please check back later for additional resources.

Web Resources

The web resources listed below provide quick and easy access to evidence-based online information.

About Baby Signing
This online article defines baby signing, outlines the research on the language development of babies who are taught signing, and provides suggestions for the effective use of signing.

Illinois Early Learning Guidelines: Receptive Communication
Receptive language refers to how well children understand language. Children spend their first year listening to the sounds around them.  Sign language can be used to communicate, and helps ease frustrations in young children when they lack the ability to use words.  Also in Spanish.

These Hands Were Made for Talking
This online article from the American Academy of Pediatrics includes reasons to teach a baby to sign and tips for getting started.

Sign Language for Babies and Young Children