Resources for Physical Therapists


This topical guide will introduce you to important books, videos, and information resources available from the EI Clearinghouse and other sources.

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Campbell’s Physical Therapy for Children
Robert J. Palisano, Margo N. Orlin, Joseph Schreiber
Elsevier, 2017
This is a guide containing everything needed for physical therapists. It includes how to work with children, treatment options, how to manage PT, and more. Chapters are directed towards children of all ages; infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents. This is a great resource for anyone who is wanting to know more about becoming a physical therapist who works with children.
Call#: WB 460 .P176 2017

Early Detection and Early Intervention in Developmental Motor Disorders
Mijna Hadders-Algra
Mac Keith Press, 2021
This book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of assessments and interventions applied in young children with, or at high risk for, developmental motor disorders.
Only available as an eBook 

Handbook of Pediatric Physical Therapy
Toby M. Long
Wolters Kluwer Publishing, 2019
This book has information on assessing, diagnosing, and planning physical therapy interventions. It includes various conditions, treatments, and other information on pediatric PT practices. Growth and development, measurement, interventions, etc are covered.
Call#: WB 460 .L8501 2019  

Helping Children to Improve Their Gross Motor Skills: The Stepping Stones Curriculum
Rachel White
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017
This book is intended for physical therapists helping children aged 5-18. It includes activities to help movement and increase gross motor skill ability.
Call#: GV 443 .W5821 2017

Meeting the Physical Therapy Needs of Children
Susan K. Effgen
F.A. Davis Co., 2013
This book explains the role of physical therapists and uses family-centered, abilities-based models. This book includes theories, clinical applications, and skills for professionals to use.
Call#: WB 460 .E27 2013

Positioning for Play: Interactive Activities to Enhance Movement and Sensory Exploration
Rachel B. Diamant
Pro-ed, 2010
This book explains the role of physical therapists and uses family-centered, abilities-based models. This book includes theories, clinical applications, and skills for professionals to use.
Call#: WS 350.4 .D537 2010


Integrated Therapies and Teamwork Equals Success
30 min; DVD
STARnet Regions I & III, 2011
This DVD shows how to put physical, occupation, and speech therapies in daily routines in classrooms. This video is intended for teachers, administrators, and therapists.
Call#: LC 3965 I351 2011

Sensory Motor Play in Early Intervention
6hr 4 min; DVD
PESI Inc., 2017
This DVD contains 3 discs with information on regulation, sensory and play intervention strategies for improving executive function, self-esteem, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, behavior, and more.
Call#: WS 340 .Se595 2017


American Physical Therapy Association
This website has resources for physical therapists for their career, practices, patient care, and advocacy.


Physical Therapy, 95(10),1433-1444
Promoting Health and Wellness: Implications for Physical Therapist Practice
Bezner (2015)
This article explains how physical therapists can integrate the promotion of health and wellness into their practice. It also provides a basis of the knowledge and skills physical therapists need to use.

European Respiratory Journal, 39,487-492
Rehabilitation, Weaning, and Physical Therapy Strategies in Chronic Critically Ill Patients
Ambrosino et al. (2012)
This article explains how physical therapists can use various strategies to help chronically ill patients to help relieve symptoms and increase their quality of life.

Web Resources

World Physiotherapy
This website is a network of 122 physiotherapy organizations that represents over 670,000 therapists. There are many resources here on education, global health, policy, and practice. Many publications about physical therapy are also found on this website.