Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible, a child:

1) Must be under 36 months,


2) Have a physician’s diagnosis of a physical or mental condition that causes a developmental delay,
Have an identifiable developmental delay of 30% or more,
Be at risk of substantial developmental delay because of certain risk factors.

Effective July 2020, children with an elevated blood lead level greater or equal to 5 micrograms per deciliter are automatically eligible for early intervention services in Illinois. 

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If you believe your child may be eligible for Illinois Early Intervention Program services…

  • Call your local Child and Family Connections (CFC) office to arrange for an initial “intake” visit by a service coordinator at your home. You will be asked to share concerns about your child and to describe your family routines and priorities for your child.  He or she will then schedule free evaluations of your child’s development in 5 different areas:
    • physical (how your child moves and explores)  
    • cognitive (how your child learns)   
    • communication (how your child lets you know what he needs)  
    • social and emotional (how your child engages with you and shows feelings)   
    • adaptive (how your child uses new skills) 
  • After your child is determined to be eligible, the service coordinator will serve as your personal contact through the entire time your child receives Illinois Early Intervention Program services.

If your child is determined to be ineligible for Illinois Early Intervention Program services…

  • Your service coordinator will recommend alternative providers or resources.

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