Natural Environments: Where All Children Belong

Children learn best in familiar environments and during daily routines. Your EI provider can help you use daily routines to enhance your child’s development. Talk about some places where you spend time with your child. Talk about other places you would like to go, such as the grocery store, park, or library. How do you want to spend your time there? Your EI provider may go with you to these places. Your EI provider can help you come up with ideas that will help your child take part successfully in those settings.

At Home

  • Taking a bath
  • Picking up toys
  • Enjoying a meal
  • Playing with siblings
  • Dressing
  • Going to bed/nap

At Child Care

  • Greeting and departing
  • Putting on or taking off a coat
  • Sharing toys
  • Playing with a friend
  • Looking at books
  • Sitting in a chair

In the Community

  • Walking in the neighborhood
  • Riding the bus
  • Getting in or out of the car
  • Shopping at the store
  • Climbing stairs
  • Swinging or sliding at a playground
  • Playing in sand or dirt
  • Using elevator buttons
  • Eating out at a restaurant
  • Visiting the library
  • Spending time at the Laundromat
  • Exploring nature
  • Petting a dog or cat
  • Tossing/rolling a ball
Publication date: 2017