Involving Siblings in Early Intervention

drawing of girl with drawing of two children holding hands

The early intervention program is all about families! Siblings are important members of a child’s family and can contribute significantly to your child’s success in early intervention. By including siblings in your child’s everyday routines and EI visits, you are reinforcing positive relationships that will encourage lifelong supports not only for your children but your whole family.

Here’s How My Older Siblings Can Be Involved.

  • Give me a hint to find the right puzzle piece.
  • Practice taking turns in a pretend tea party.
  • Roll a ball back and forth with me.
  • Help me practice introducing myself to new friends.
  • Show me how to climb and jump.
  • Draw a picture that I can color.

Here’s How My Younger Siblings Can Be Involved.

  • Knock blocks down after I build a tower.
  • Play peek-a-boo with me.
  • Wave bye-bye or copy words that I say.
  • Ride in the stroller while I push you.
  • Watch me while I sing and dance.
  • Laugh at my silly faces.

Some Siblings Feel Jealous or Left Out When Another Child Receives EI Services.

  • Create a “Sibling Treasure Box” to help siblings know that EI sessions can also be fun for them. (A treasure box can include stickers, activity books, puzzles, or age-appropriate items that are special and fun.)
  • Try to find a balance in spending time with siblings together and apart. Parents and caregivers should plan ahead to ensure each child has times to play and connect with parents alone and as a group.
  • Ask your EI Team members for other ways to include the whole family in early intervention.
Publication date: 2017