Specific Disabilities and Developmental Delays

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
Provides information for individuals with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and their families. Membership and advocacy organization offering support and education for individuals, parents, teachers, professionals, and others.

Children with Special Needs: ADHD
This 2-page PDF created by the Head Start Center for Inclusion offers families and professionals a brief description of ADHD, some issues that a child with ADHD could exhibit and some strategies for overcoming challenges that may be associated with ADHD.

Early Warning Signs of ADHD
This article is all about the early warning signs that can be seen in a child who has ADHD. It also talks about what child with ADHD might say if they have it. The article describes what behaviors the parents might notice.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity in children (Mayo Clinic)
This website gives a description and overview of what ADHD is. It talks about the symptoms somebody may have if they have ADHD. Lastly, the website sates when they think it is best to see a doctor if the symptoms are apparent.

All About ADHD (birth-preschool aged)
This website talks about preschool aged children and younger having ADHD. It answers a series of questions that a parent of a young child may have about ADHD.


Autism: Be Aware of the Signs
An Illinois Early Learning Project tipsheet for parents and caregivers. Also available in Polish and Spanish.

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP)
TAP is a community-focused program at the University of Illinois. The Resource Room is housed in the Family Resiliency Center on campus and provides a place where families and professionals can find information or preview materials that might be helpful to them.

Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks is both an advocacy and support organization. Its Web site includes a definition of autism along with family resources, science news, and local chapters. View Illinois specific information. Also in Spanish.

Children with Special Needs: Autism Spectrum Disorders
This 2-page PDF created by the Head Start Center for Inclusion offers families and professionals a brief description of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders, some behavioral symptoms that a child with autism could exhibit and some strategies for overcoming challenges that may be associated with autism.

EITP: Autism Resources
The Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) website offers a variety of national and regional resources related to Autism.

Illinois Autism/PDD Training and Technical Assistance Project

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation
The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation sponsors this website. It has a wide variety of information of ASD. There are scholarships, support, definitions, and much more information of this website.

Autism Fact Sheet
This is a one-page document that has a multitude of information on ASD. This fact sheet talks about the signs and symptoms that a child with ASD might show.

A Parents Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder
This web article is all about learning the signs of ASD and being able to ask for help. It answers questions such as, “how is ASD diagnosed?” The wed article also helps to find more information about ASD by direction you to other great sources.

Blindness/Visual Impairments

EITP: Hearing and Vision Resources
The Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) website offers a variety of national and regional resources related to hearing and vision.

Illinois Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments

Family Connect
Family Connect is all about getting families who have children that are blind connected to many different resources. This is a big resource website that gives parents of blind children a place to support each other.

Development Charts
This website is a series of development charts. The charts are for babies who are blind or visually impaired.

This article is written from a parent’s point of view. It talks about blindness and what is means in the mind of a blind child.  This is insightful and can help parents to understand a different perspective on blindness.

National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health
This comprehensive website provides information on vision development for providers and families, including milestones, screening tools, and a tool kit for providers and families. Many resources are available in Spanish.

Paths to Literacy for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired
This website provides information to assist educators and families in the quest to provide literacy experiences for children who are blind or visually impaired.

Cerebral Palsy

Children with Special Needs: Cerebral Palsy
This 2-page PDF created by the Head Start Center for Inclusion offers families and professionals a brief description of cerebral palsy, some early signs of cerebral palsy that a child, usually under 3 years of age, could exhibit and some strategies for overcoming challenges that may be associated with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy: Causes, Treatment And Prevention
This web page is all about the causes, treatment, and prevention of cerebral palsy. It talks about the different types of cerebral palsy and statistics of how common cerebral palsy is.

Mayo Clinic and Cerebral Palsy
This website talks about the symptoms and Causes, and diagnosis and treatment. This website is medically based and contains a lot of great information about cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy and What You Need to Know
This site will answer many of your question you might what to know about cerebral palsy. From what it is to what causes it, this website it explains it all in an easily understood manner.


EITP: Hearing and Vision Resources
The Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) website offers a variety of national and regional resources related to hearing and vision.

Project Reach: Illinois Deaf-Blind Services
Project Reach provides technical assistance, information, and training to address the early intervention, special education, related services, and transitional services needs of children with Deaf-Blindness and enhance state capacity to improve services and outcomes for children and their families.

Finding Resources In Your State
The National Center on Deaf-Blindness will help you find resources in the state of Illinois and every state.  This will help you find your National Center on Deaf-Blindness

Materials for Families of Infants and Toddlers
This resource gives parents information on early intervention and Howe to communicate with their baby. It mentions other families that are associated with the Family Association for Deaf-Blind. This site also talks about National resources.

Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, Visually Impaired
This Illinois State Board of Education webpage lists many resources for families and educators. It includes fact sheets, guidance documents, information on licensure, and more.

Deafness/Hearing Impairments

See Hearing Impairments/Deafness

Down Syndrome

Central Illinois Down Syndrome Organization

Children with Special Needs: Down Syndrome
This 2-page PDF created by the Head Start Center for Inclusion offers families and professionals a brief description of down syndrome, some common characteristics that a child with down syndrome may exhibit and some strategies for overcoming challenges that may be associated with down syndrome.

EITP: Down Syndrome Resources
The Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) website offers a variety of national and regional resources related to down syndrome.

Heart of Illinois Down Syndrome Association, Inc.

Lincoln Land Down Syndrome Society

National Association for Down Syndrome
This Web site features information about Down syndrome, including facts about Down syndrome, links to local support groups, and links to other useful resources. The information is also available in Spanish. (serves Chicago)

UPS for DownS – United Parent Support for Down Syndrome

Early Intervention and Down Syndrome
This article is all about early intervention and how a child with down syndrome can benefit from it. It talks about the different types of early intervention and how it affects the babies development.

What Is Down Syndrome
Everything you want to know about down syndrome is summed up in this website. The National Down Syndrome Society not only talks about what down syndrome is all about but it also talks about different language that may be of confusion.

Video About Down Syndrome
Cause, symptoms, diagnosis, and Pathology are all explained in this 10-minute video. It its helpful and really breaks down what down syndrome is all about.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention Central Billing Office

Early Intervention Technical Assistance and Monitoring Program

Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention Provider Information

Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS)

Illinois Early Intervention Training Program

Provider Connections

What is Early Intervention?
Learn the signs and act early. This website talks about the different was Early Intervention is used. It also lets anyone find out if their child is eligible for services in their state.

Child and Family Connections
How can your family be helped through Early Intervention? This website will give you resources and connection.

A Guide for Families: Illinois Intervention Clearing House
All about the Illinois Early Intervention Program.

Early Literacy

Baby Talk

Encouraging Literacy Development in Infants and Toddlers  (IEL Resource List)

Zero to Three: Early Literacy
This handout provides adequate information to parents for children who are birth to three years old. It goes into detail about how these early literacy skills unfold and develop.

Getting ready to read
This website provides many articles, videos, and activities to help early literacy develop. It can be helpful for teachers and parents in helping young children prepare for school.

Scholastics: Early Literacy
This handout gives information about early literacy and what can help expand it. It mentions how important family involvement is and even gives access to books.


Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Southern Illinois

Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago

Sandford Children’s Health
This website talks about the definition of a seizure and all of the different kinds there are. It gives a good description of what causes a seizure and how they are diagnosed.

Mayo Clinic: Epilepsy
This article looks at what the symptoms and causes of Epilepsy is. It researches the risk factors and the statistics behind Epilepsy.

Epilepsy Video
The Epilepsy Foundation made this short video to talk about what epilepsy is and the statistics involved.

Family Support and Parenting

Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center

Family Resource Center on Disabilities (FRCD)

Family Support Network of Illinois

Fussy Baby Network
Services available from the network include parent groups, a “warmline,” and an infant specialist who will work with parents to find effective ways to care for their baby. All services are available in English and Spanish.

Illinois Fatherhood Initiative

Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.

La Leche League of Illinois

Parenting 24/7

Supporting Illinois Brothers and Sisters

University of Illinois Extension

Illinois Early Learning Project
The Illinois Early Learning Project offers many videos to capture what positive parenting looks it. It has videos that help parents learn how to do things such as read to their children, or come up with projects, or playing with their baby.

Tip Sheets
Many of these tip sheets can helps a curious parent. The tip sheets give parents or teachers tips on how to parent a child. These tip sheets range in topic and are completely free.

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
This is the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. Anybody can come on this site and it will direct them to information about what their child needs and how to get it.

General Early Childhood

Early Choices

Illinois Division of Early Childhood

Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse (EIC)
The Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Clearinghouse identifies and collects research-based and best-practice early intervention information to share with families.

Illinois Early Learning Project
The Illinois Early Learning Project Web site is a source of evidence-based, reliable information on early care and education for parents, caregivers, and teachers of young children in Illinois.

Lekotek (toys and play for children with special needs)

Start Early

STARNET Regional Offices
Provides training, consultation, and resources to the early childhood community in Illinois. Support and Technical Assistance Regionally.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This website gives basic information on healthy development. It states effective parenting practices and talks about many developmental milestones.

What is Early Childhood Education?
PreschoolTeacher.org explains to people exactly what Early Childhood Education is. It gives information on how these schools are funded and the elements of the Early Childhood program.

General Health and Health Care

All Kids: Healthcare for All Kids
The All Kids program offers Illinois uninsured children comprehensive healthcare that includes doctors visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care and medical devices like eyeglasses and asthma inhalers

American Academy of Pediatrics, Illinois Chapter

Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition

Health Care for Children
This website tells you how to get your child covered and if they qualify.

Health Care for Kids
This is the Illinois website that offers all kids comprehensive healthcare.

Centers for Disease and Control Prevention
This site offers advice on how to keep infants and toddlers safe and healthy. It talks about different topics that play an important role in your child’s safety and health.

Hearing Impairments/Deafness

Better Speech and Hearing
May 15, 2009. Centers for Disease Control.
Hearing loss is the number one birth defect in America, affecting approximately 12,000 newborns every year. John Eichwald discusses the importance of early intervention in newborns.

EITP: Hearing and Vision Resources
The Early Intervention Training Program (EITP) website offers a variety of national and regional resources related to hearing and vision.

Illinois Hands & Voices
This parent-driven, non-profit organization supports families with children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing without a bias around communication modes or methodologies.

Illinois Sound Beginnings

Illinois Speech Language Hearing Association (ISHA)
ISHA’s Mission is to support and advocate for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and the individuals they serve with communication, hearing, and swallowing disorders.

Early Intervention For Children With Hearing Loss
This is a simple article about the early intervention that can help children with hearing loss. It mentions the 504 plan and laws that can help children’s development.

Identifying Hearing Loss in Young Children
This article looks at all of the signs a child might have if they are experiencing hearing loss. Hearing loss can be misdiagnosed or easily overlooked but this can help anybody learn important information.

This website, developed by a team of hearing specialists at Boys Town National Research Hospital, provides information about hearing, supporting language development in children with hearing loss, preparing for school, and early intervention. Also in Spanish.

Hearing First
This organization supports families with young children with hearing loss. The website includes articles, videos, handouts, and eBooks to help families support young children’s development.

Childhood Hearing Loss
This article takes a look at the impact of hearing loss. It looks at the statistics and even shows case studies. This article tells the importance of early identification and how it can impact a child.

Intellectual Disability (formerly Mental Retardation)

The Arc of Illinois

Defining Intellectual Disabilities
This website defines intellectual disabilities. It talks about different terms and their definition that would help someone who has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability.

Center for Parent Information and Resources
This website gives many different resources for parents of a child with an intellectual disability. It gives real life examples and goes on to give a lot of informational research.

Learning Disabilities

Illinois Branch of the International Dyslexia Association

Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois

Types of Learning Disabilities
The Learning Disabilities Association of America defines the different types of learning disabilities. It shows support and even has an “ask the expert” tab to explore.

National Center for Learning Disabilities
This site is for anybody birth and beyond. It offers advice on programs and shows reports and different studies to look at.

Early Intervention for Children with Learning Disabilities
This file talks about how early intervention could protect children who are at risk for learning disabilities. It explains that early intervention can help support parents and children who may need services.

Mental Health

Illinois Association for Infant Mental Health

Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership

Mental Health America of Illinois

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Illinois

The Importance of Infant Mental Health
This is a research article that shows a clear understanding of infant mental health. It gives definitions of what it means and describes different behaviors.

Infant Mental Health Blog
This blog gives parents and teachers advice on 10 things that they should know about infant mental health. It gives great research examples and great descriptions of why infant mental health may occur.

Speech and Language Development

Illinois Speech Language Hearing Association (ISHA)
ISHA’s Mission is to support and advocate for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and the individuals they serve with communication, hearing, and swallowing disorders.

Speech and Language Milestone Chart
This is an easy to read speech and language millstone chart. It talks about milestones in speech and language up to age six.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
This website looks at the developmental norms for speech and language. It gives many different resources and answers great questions such as “How does your child hear and talk?”

Spina Bifida

Illinois Spina Bifida Association

Living With Spina Bifida
This website helps to learn all about spina bifida. It teaches parents and service providers what to expect when and infant has spina bifida.

Kids Health: Spina Bifida
This article defines and breaks down what Spina Bifida is. It talks about the two different kinds of Spina Bifida and what the causes are.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
This is a Spina Bifida fact sheet. It has resereched based information on many different subjects of Spina Bifida. Some of the information this website has I show it is treated and what is the current research being done on it.

Spinal Cord Injury

United Spinal Association Illinois Chapter

Mayo Clinic: Spinal Cord Injury
This article talks about what happens when an infant has a spinal cord injury. It states the cause and emergency signs and symptoms of this happening.

Birth Injury Guide
Although children and infants only account for 5% of all spinal cord damage cases in the U.S, this article talks all about it. This article hits on the fact that this can happen at childbirth and what causes it.

Acute Spinal Cord Injury in Children
This is an article based off of the encyclopedia. It gives definitions, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. This article talks about how a healthcare provider can help and how the parents should help.

State Agencies

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Illinois Department of Healthcare & Family Services

Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS)

Illinois Department of Public Health

Illinois State Board of Education

ISBE Division of Early Childhood

State of Illinois Developmental Disabilities

Illinois State Board of Education

Illinois Department of Human Services

Center for Parent Information Resources

Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain Injury Association of Illinois

Journal of Medicine and Life
This article talks about traumatic brain injury in infants and toddlers. It is research based but easy to read and understand. It shows the different injury’s and the different between them.

What to Expect
The Brain Injury Association of America wants parents and teachers to know all the signs and the symptoms of a brain injury. It gives people the opportunity to learn about brain injury and find a community to help support you through it.

Infant Brain Damage
The Birth Injury Guide helps guide parents though how serious this condition can be. It talks about what infant bran damage cause and all of the different symptoms it leads too.

Violence Prevention/Child Abuse Prevention

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
This is an amazing tip sheet that helps people to understand what they can do to prevent child sexual abuse. It is an easy read and can read by anybody

Tip Sheet of Resources
This tip sheet gives information and resources on child abuse prevention. It states many different associations and websites that can be visited in order to prevent this from happening. It also is a great website to help anyone who is going through abuse or violence.

Facts about Child Abuse and Neglect
This website features different ways to prevent child abuse. It states many different facts about child abuse and neglect. There are some great parenting tips in this article that can help anyone who is struggling with violence and abuse.