When I’m 3, Where Will I Be?

mother and child

Transitions happen all around us. As parents, bringing our child home from the hospital is the first of many enormous transitions we will encounter. Then there will be transitions into child care, into schools, and between different teachers. The formal transition from early intervention services begins when a child is 2½ years old. 

When I’m 3, Where Will I Be? is the transition workbook developed by parents and professionals in Illinois to provide information to families who are preparing for the transition out of early intervention services to possibly receiving services through their local school district.

This book addresses only one transition, but this particular one can be scary as young children and their families are moving from a “known” system into an “unknown” system.

This book describes the process, includes checklists to help throughout the process, outlines the transition timeline, and provides tips, strategies, and talking points for families to help with a more smooth transition.

This book can be accessed from the Illinois Child Find page.

The book and accompanying resources can also be ordered for free from Child Find.

Publication date: 2020
Originally published in the EIC Newsletter: Volume 33, Issue 1