Approved training videos related to working with families with young children.

  • Any Place, Any Time, Anywhere! : Everyday Learning In Family, Community and Classroom Activities
    DVD, 83 minutes.
    Winterberry Press; 2009
    Aimed at parents, students, and practitioners. Discusses children’s learning that occurs every day as part of family life. The three-part video series focuses on learning in the natural environments of young children: the family home, the community, and the early childhood classroom
    LB 1060 .A637 2009dvd
  • Art & Science of Home Visits: Early Intervention Illustrated
    DVD, 18 minutes.
    [Videorecording]. [United States]: Boys Town Press; 2004.
    Explores the strategies and specific skills necessary to support parents’ learning and the deaf or hard-of-hearing child’s development during home visits.
    HV 2392.2 .E12a 2004
  • Child with Special Needs
    30-minute DVD
    Parents Action for Children, 2005
    In this video, families of children with special needs share their stories to help other parents understand what to do when they find out that their child has a special need, how to find answers to their questions, how to advocate for their child, and how to focus on their child’s unique strengths.
    WS 350.6 .C536dvd 2004
  • Cross-Cultural Contact: How Far Do You Reach?
    30 minutes; DVD (APPLES Magazine; 135.)
    STARNet Regions I & III; 2004
    Discusses the challenges of including a child’s home culture in that of the school. Through interviews with families from Harvey, Illinois, presents suggestions for recognizing, valuing, and supporting the differences between home and school culture in a preschool setting. Originally broadcast November 18, 2004. DVD. Featuring Sharifa Townsend.
    LB 1139.35 .P37 C951dvd 2004
  • Developing Relationships With Families – Part I
    30 minute; DVD (APPLES Magazine; no. 124).
    Western Illinois University; 2003
    This program focuses on the important of working with families and developing a relationship which enhances the home/school connection. The program features perspectives from families of young children with delays/disabilities in regard to experiences that have been helpful in developing beneficial relationships with education and service providers.
    HQ 759.913 D4891 2003
  • Developing Relationships With Families – Part II
    30 minute; DVD (APPLES Magazine; no. 125). Originally broadcast September 18, 2003. Featuring Sandy Ginther and Carol Weisheit.
    Western Illinois University; 2003
    This program features settings and providers of young children, including those at risk or with delays/disabilities, reflecting good relationship building. Program highlighted include Migrant Head Start, Parents as Teachers, and community child care.
    HQ 759.913 D4892 2003
  • Early Interactions: Parent-professional Perspectives In Early Intervention
    45 minute; DVD. Closed-captioned.
    Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.; 2007.
    This video prepares current and future professionals to work more effectively with young children by trusting and learning from the perspectives of other experts, including parents and professionals from other disciplines. Viewers watch footage of two young children with disabilities as parents and professionals conduct observations during typical home activities.
    WS 107.5 .R5 E12 2007
  • Early Intervention in Action – (CD-ROM)
    CD-ROM with text and 40 minutes of video.
    [Electronic Resources, Book]. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc.; 2008.
    This textbook and video program are designed to be used as a training tool on what early intervention professionals need to master. Discusses how to collaborate effectively with other service providers to address the complex needs of infants with multiple disabilities. Includes an easy to navigate textbook containing 386 pages of text. Also includes 41 video clips demonstrating key concepts.
    WS 368 .C518e 2008
  • First IEP: Parent Perspectives
    30 minute; DVD
    Paul H. Brookes Pub.; 2005
    This video facilitates collaboration between professionals and parents as they help young children make the transition from early intervention to preschool. The video answers questions and concerns about IEPs, gives viewers an accurate picture of the process, and promotes dialogue between families and professionals.
    LB 1031 .C518 2005
  • Fragile X Family
    11 minute; DVD
    Fanlight Productions; 2004
    This film show how a family whose members have Fragile X syndrome cope with their developmental disabilities and problem behaviors.
    QS 677 .F811kut 2004
  • Home Team: Early Intervention Illustrated
    DVD, 14 minutes.
    Boys Town Press; 2005.
    This DVD shows you how to establish trusting, caring relationships between early intervention specialists and families of infants and toddlers with hearing loss.
    HQ 755.7 .H765v 2005
  • Home Visiting: Research, Respect, And Rapport
    60 minutes; DVD (APPLES Magazine; no. 114). Originally broadcast March 21, 2002. Featuring Connie Shugart and Mary Smith.
    Western Illinois University; 2002
    This video focuses on research/preparation; respect/recognition of the important of the family and acknowledgement of their values; and rapport/building a partnership committed to meeting the needs of the child.
    HQ 755.7 .H765sh 2002
  • New I.D.E.A. for Special Education: Understanding the System and the New Law: A Guide for Parents, a Tool for Educators
    50-minute DVD
    Edvantage Media, 2005
    This video explains to parents all about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (I.D.E.A.), the law governing special education. It covers the referral and evaluation processes as well as the creation of an individualized education program (IEP)
    LB 4031 .N532dvd 2005
  • No Matter How Small: A Parent’s Guide to Preterm Infant Development
    DVD, 39 minutes.
    Vida Health Communications; 2006.
    Introduction to the development of preterm infants for parents. Based on current research, the program shows parents ways in which they can help support the normal growth and development of their baby’s brain.
    WS 410 .N739 2006
  • PICCOLO Training DVD: Implementation and Scoring
    DVD, 78 minutes.
    Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc.; 2013.
    This training DVD includes an introductory presentation on PICCOLO (TM) and 16 clips of parent/child interactions (some in English, some in Spanish) that let viewers practice scoring PICCOLO and check their scores.
    HV 699 .T3405 2013
  • Puntos De Vista: Conversaciones Con Familias
    55 minutes; DVD
    Western Media Products; 2001
    This video depicts four Hispanic immigrant families who were involved in a research study by the University of Colorado, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing.
    Contents: This tape includes two versions of the program, each 55 minutes in duration. Version 1: English language version ; Version 2: Spanish language version. English translation: Point of View: Conversations with Families.
    WS 107.5 .R5 P984dvd 2001
  • Recognizing and Preventing Physical Child Abuse
    DVD, 30 minutes.
    Chicago, IL: Learning Seed; 2012.
    What constitutes physical child abuse, and why does it happen? What are the effects, and how can it be prevented? This video answers critical questions, and also discusses coping strategies and support tools available to help parents and caregivers stop physically abusive behavior. It also includes discussion of family history, stress, stress and the care of infants, unrealistic expectations, personality and psychological disorders, drugs and alcohol, corporal punishment, and mandatory reporting; with dramatized vignettes.
    HV 6626.5 .R2451pca 2012
  • Serving Biracial And Multiethnic Children And Their Families
    31 minutes; DVD
    The Childcare Health Programs; 2003
    This video presents challenges and offers guidance for caregivers in multiethnic programs. It urges them to examine themselves, to be aware of the messages the environment sends, and above all, to respect the families.
    WS 105.5 .S6 S492 2003
  • Supporting Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education
    DVD, 107 minutes.
    Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc.; 2011.
    Provides practical guidance on supporting culturally and linguistically diverse young children. Covers key issues professionals will encounter as they work with culturally and linguistically diverse children and families, at home and in other settings. Includes interviews and suggestions based on recommended practices. Intended for early interventionists and special educators. With pause-points for discussion.
    LB 1099 .S96 2011
  • Those Other People: A Self Reflection On Bias
    30 minutes; (APPLES Magazine; no. 127). Originally broadcast November 20, 2003. Featuring the STARNet Diversity Advisory.
    Western Illinois University; 2003
    This video includes an open discussion of multicultural concepts and is intended to inspire viewers to self-reflect and to creaet a group of reflective thinkers.
    LC 1099 .T253 2003
  • When I am 3, Where Will I Be?
    DVD, 30 Minutes
    Macomb, IL: STARnet Regions I & III, Western Illinois University; 2008
    (Apples Video Magazine; No. 163; originally broadcast December 18, 2008.)
    The more you know about transition, the more comfortable you will feel as you and your child get ready to move beyond EI together. Printable copies of the workbook in both English and Spanish are available on the DVD.
    LC 4069.2 .W567 2008
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