Your Family Rights

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If your child is determined to be eligible for the Illinois Early Intervention Program, your family rights include:

  • An evaluation of your child by a professional team completed within 45 days of referral, as well as ongoing monitoring of your child.
  • An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) written within 45 days of referral. The IFSP lists child and family strengths, needs, resources, priorities, and concerns. It also identifies services to be provided to your child. The IFSP must be reviewed at least once every six months and re-evaluated annually.
  • Privacy and consent. No information about your child and family will be shared without your written consent. In addition, you will have the opportunity to consent to all services provided through the program.
  • Refusal of services. You may refuse any service at any time without jeopardizing other services or without losing the right to re-enter the Illinois Early Intervention Program before your child is age 3.
  • Prior notice of changes to the date, time, or location of an IFSP meeting or to proposed changes to the IFSP.
  • Record review. You may inspect, review or amend your records at any time or by request. You also may receive copies of your records.

You also have the right to receive information in your native language and in a way that can be understood and the right to disagree, complain, and request mediation. Written complaints and written requests for mediation or impartial administrative resolution should be submitted to the Illinois Department of Human Services according to the procedures outlined in the following booklet: State of Illinois Infant/Toddler & Family Rights Under IDEA for the Early Intervention System. This booklet also can provide more detail on your rights under the Illinois Early Intervention Program.

Right of Refusal

You also have the right to refuse Illinois Early Intervention Program services for now, while keeping the option of returning for services at a later date.

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