Social-Emotional Supports for Children and Families During COVID-19

By Re-Open Illinois EI Workgroup

Social-Emotional Supports for Children and Families During COVID-19

Emotional Well-Being Tool Kit
This kit includes a video introduction and ways to communicate with children about COVID-19, activities to help children understand COVID-19, materials about children’s emotional well-being, self-care for parents, and engaging learning activities while at home, as well as other resources. The tool kit includes links to some materials in Spanish and other languages.

Supporting Young Children at Home During COVID-19
This website includes one-page graphic tip sheets about resources, strategies, and activities for young children. The tip sheets include topics such as staying safe, play time, fighting germs, social distancing, returning to childcare, and talking about your child’s feelings. Tip sheets are also available in Spanish and other languages.

CDC Resources for Keeping Children Healthy During COVID-19
This web page includes ways to help your child cope with stress during COVID-19. This website also includes how to talk to your child about COVID-19 and videos about keeping children healthy and addressing their needs. Resources include:

Tips for Coping
This is a web page with tips for helping young children cope with COVID-19 includes information for children who are verbal and nonverbal.

Social-Emotional Resources
The Early Intervention Clearinghouse has books and other materials about addressing social-emotional needs in young children. These materials can be shared with families. Materials are available in several languages.

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