The Family’s Role in Early Intervention Visits

drawing of father and child

No one knows your child better than you. During early intervention visits, whether in person or virtually, your provider wants to see your interactions with your child and provide you with ideas and strategies you can use to support your child between visits. 

Beginning the Visit

  • Talk with your provider about anything new since your last visit. Have your routines changed? Any new or developing skills? 
  • Talk with your provider about goals from the last visit. What did you try and what worked? 
  • Talk with your provider about that day’s focus for the visit. What are your next steps for the day? 

Observation and Practice

  • Your provider will watch your interactions with your child during your regular routines using your toys and materials. 
  • Your provider may help you find a new way to interact or play with your child. 
  • Your provider may model an activity or part of a routine and ask you to observe. You will then be invited to try the strategy or activity with your child. 

Reflection and Feedback

  • You and your provider will talk about what worked during the visit and what to try before the next visit. 
  • Your provider will ask questions about what you would like to focus on during the next visit. 

During Live Video Visits

  • Place the tech device where the provider can see both you and your child. 
  • Your provider wants to observe your interactions with your child. If your child won’t focus on the tech device (phone, iPad, etc.) for the length of the visit, that’s OK. 
  • Be prepared for tech issues such as lag time with audio, choppy video, or dropped Internet. 
Publication date: 2021