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Families Can Borrow an iPad or Hotspot for Live Video Visits

Many EI families are receiving services by live video visits. To help families with technology needs, the EI Clearinghouse has added several technology devices to the lending library.

Family Matters - DaSy Training Zoom Series

Family Matters – DaSy Training Zoom Series

Family Matters Parent Training & Information Center is offering a four-part series to help families understand and analyze data and meaningfully engage in discussions about state and local data.

family play outdoors

Summer newsletter focuses on Outdoor Fun

Summer 2023 EI Clearinghouse Newsletter is now available on our website in English and Spanish…

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Planning for Summer

Summer can also be a great time to creatively think about how to address your child’s needs.

How to Help Babies and Toddlers Enjoy Mealtimes

How to Help Babies and Toddlers Enjoy Mealtimes

Responsive feeding is a child-led approach to helping infants and toddlers enjoy eating and learn new skills. This means we let babies and toddlers lead the way and respond promptly when they communicate that they are hungry or full.

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Eating Tips and Recipes

Whether you have a picky eater or just don’t have enough hours in the day, here are some ideas that can help you to make these times more enjoyable for the whole family. 

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Spring Newsletter Focuses on Successful Mealtimes with Babies and Toddlers

The Spring 2023 edition of the Early Intervention Clearinghouse newsletter is available on our website

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Resources and opportunities for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing

We are excited to share several upcoming opportunities and new resources…