COVID-19 Resources from Illinois Early Learning

drawing of open door

With COVID-19, our daily routines and activities have greatly changed. We are highlighting some resources that our sister project, Illinois Early Learning (IEL), has created to support families of young children. 

One of IEL’s most popular resources during the pandemic has been the Keeping Healthy and Safe: Face Coverings tip sheet. In this graphic tip sheet, family members and professionals can learn how to best help children wear a face covering. (Note: Face coverings are only recommended for children age 2 and older.)  

Many family members may also be experiencing added stress during the pandemic. The COVID-19 Parenting Pep Talk blog series has some great advice for parents. We are highlighting two for families involved in early intervention: Be With Your Child’s Big Feelings and Make Time for Connection. Both of these blog posts can help you better manage struggles at home. This series addresses day-to-day parenting challenges during COVID-19.

For these and more resources, visit IEL’s COVID-19 Resources web page at

Originally written for the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse Newsletter:  Fall 2020