Resources for after Early Intervention

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All families involved in the Early Intervention program who have exited the program are texted a link to the Family Outcome Survey. Thank you for completing this survey! At the end of the survey, you checked a box requesting contact from the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse (EIC) to provide individualized resources based on your family’s needs and interests. Such resources may include relevant books, DVDs, and kits as well as referrals to agencies and suggestions in accessing services for your child.

Family Activities



  • EIC’s Resource Guide on Autism – recommended books, DVDs and more available by request from the EI Clearinghouse, in addition to links to other resources.
  • Organization for Autism Research Resources ‐ several free resources about safety, research, transition, assessment, etc. for families on this site.
  • HelpGuide – Helping Your Child with Autism Thrive ‐ There are many things you can do to help a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) overcome their challenges. These parenting tips, treatments, and services can help.
  • Interacting with a Child Who Has Autism Spectrum Disorder ‐ Research shows that early, frequent, and loving involvement of family members is one of the best ways to help children with ASD. 
  • The Autism Program of Illinois ‐ a network of organizations across Illinois that provide services and resources to persons with autism spectrum disorder and their families including tip sheets. Each office has additional resources available.

Speech & Language Development

  • ASHA Identify the Signs – tip sheets with milestones and activities to support communication development. PDFs also in Spanish.
  • From Babbles to Books – this resource from Brookes Publishing includes several tip sheets for parents and speech development timelines for young children.
  • EIC’s Resource Guide on Supporting Language Development at Home – recommended books, DVDs and more available by request from the EI Clearinghouse, in addition to other resources.

Child Development

  • Child Development Resource Guide – This topical guide from the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse will introduce you to important books, videos, and information resources available from the EI Clearinghouse.
  • CDC’s Developmental Milestones – Skills such as taking a first step, smiling for the first time, and waving “bye bye” are called developmental milestones. Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act, and move.
  • Your Child’s Development: Age-Based Tips From Birth to 36 Months – This set of age-based handouts from Zero to Three include a “what to expect” chart for each age range, frequently asked questions, a research summary, and information about common parenting challenges for each age and stage.
  • Illinois Early Learning Project tip sheets – these tip sheets, written for families and professionals in Illinois, are all available in English, Spanish, and Polish with many also available in Arabic, French, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.