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The Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Clearinghouse identifies and collects research-based and best-practice early intervention information to share with families. Questions?...Just Ask


These resources provide information related to the Illinois Early Intervention Program as well as information related to early intervention, child care, legal assistance, and advocacy.

  • EI Notes
    Early Intervention topics presented in clear, straightforward language
  • Guides to books and resources on popular topics
    These topical guides will introduce you to important books, videos, and Web resources available from the EI Clearinghouse. Our free lending library consists of books, journals, and DVDs related to early childhood, parenting, and young children with special needs.
  • Newsletter
    The Early Intervention Newsletter contains up-to-date information and news about EI issues in Illinois
  • Central Directory
    The Early Intervention Central Directory includes links to organizations and projects here in Illinois working in early intervention, parenting, developmental delays, special needs, and related topics as well as a listing of early intervention research projects.
  • State of Illinois Publications

  • CFC: Forms for Working with Families
    This Child and Family Connections: Forms for Working with Families section of our Web site houses English and Spanish versions of electronic documents for use by professionals at Child and Family Connnections (CFC) offices and others involved in the Illinois EI system. These documents consist of non-Cornerstone IFSP pages and some of the forms and samples that are found in the CFC procedure manual.
  • Multimedia
    In this section, you will find links to audio and video related early intervention topics.
  • Family Stories
    Several times a year, we share the stories of families whose infant or toddler received early intervention (EI) services.
  • Family Calendar
    View a listing of conferences, workshops, and other events related to early intervention in Illinois.

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CFC offices

Find the Child and Family Connections (CFC) office serving your county or zip code. The 25 CFC offices serve as the local contacts for the Illinois Early Intervention Program. Call the office in the region where you live to get started.

Illinois Department of Human Services: Bureau of Early Intervention

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Who we are...

The Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse is operated by the Early Childhood and Parenting (ECAP) Collaborative at the University of Illinois. The EI Clearinghouse is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

The Illinois Early Intervention (EI) Program provides a collection of services for families of children from birth to age 3 who have disabilities or developmental delays or who are at risk of having developmental delays. Families are the key to successful early intervention. Our mission is to provide families with the information they need to support their children's growth and development.


The EI Clearinghouse Web site provides families with access to an extensive early intervention library collection of books, videos, and journals. Some materials are available in Spanish as well as English.

The Web site also contains a calendar, a newsletter for parents, and links to other early intervention information intended for families.

EI professionals: We provide a list of videos approved for CEU credit as well as our library collection. Visit the Web sites of Provider Connections, the statewide network of (Child and Family Connections) CFC offices, and the Illinois EI Training Program.

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