This topical guide on child development was developed in partnership with the Early Intervention Training Program to be used by professionals practicing in the Early Intervention program.


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  • 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5
    Nicollete Roux
    N. Roux, 2014
    Written by a group of mothers, this book provides a family friendly set of fine motor activities that can be performed within homes without much preparation. Simple variations and tips are also included to make the activities even more practical and accessible for children.
     WE 103 .F4934m 2014  896720728
  • Amazing Babies Moving
    Beverly Stokes
    Move Alive Media, 2009
    Described as, “the book every parent needs”, Certified Movement Specialist Beverly Stokes guides readers through the meaningful movements of infancy while providing photographic simulations for adults to create a better understanding of what these positions and growing milestones are.
     WS 103 .S76am 2009  698370377
  • Encouraging Physical Activity in Infants
    Steve Sanders
    Gryphon House, 2015
    Early motor development creates the foundation that children need to grow and flourish. Beginning with the developmental motor milestones of early infancy, this book provides an informative description of what parents and child care providers should expect from children.
     GV 443 .S194inf 2015  922970108


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  • Baby Tata
    41 minutes, DVD
    Baby Tata, c2004
    Teaches parents techniques for interactive play, exercise, and massage to do with babies based on massage therapy, karaoke singalongs, games, and exercise routines.
     WB 537 .B115s 2004  61660064
  • Yoga for Children With Developmental Challenges
    71 minutes, DVD
    Peaceful Pathways, c2011
    Registered yoga teacher and special education teacher Mary Flynn presents a five-part educational video designed to introduce the benefits of yoga to children with developmental challenges, including autism.
     WB 890 .F6791 2011  793912509



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  • The Magical Effects of Music on Infants
    Shake It Baby!
    Reyna Lindert, May 2012.
    The article focuses on tackling the effects of music on infants. It can be witnessed in form of lullabies which puts them to sleep. Tunes can be incorporated in routine playtime, lunchtime and bedtime. It can be combined with massaging or stroking to calm them. Children’s gross motor skills can be improved by dancing and playing to music. It also strengthens their fine motor skills like coordination and dexterity.
  • Young Exceptional Children, 10(2) p11-16.
    Adapting Physical Activities to Promote Overall Health and Development: Suggestions for Interventionists and Families
    Kristi Sayers Menear and Laura Davis, 2007.
    In this scholarly article, the authors provide a list of activity suggestions that can be used by early educators and families to promote early learning goals for young children.

Web Resources

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