This topical guide on infants and toddlers with down syndrome will introduce you to important books, videos, and information resources available from the EI Clearinghouse.


Contact us to request a resource listed below (or ask your local public librarian).


Contact us to request a resource listed below (or ask your local public librarian). Some videos may be viewed online.

  • Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months
    108 minutes; DVD
    Woodbine House; 2004.
    This is a reassuring and realistic introduction to the unique joys and challenges that children with Down syndrome bring to their families. Includes information on newborns, health concerns, therapies, and expectations.
    WS 107 .D748dvd 2004
  • Emma’s Gifts: A Documentary
    56 minute; DVD
    Emma’s Gifts Productions; 2006
    Documents the story of Emma, a little girl born with Down syndrome, her “normal” twin sister Abigale, and their parents, Mitzi and Michael. This family discovers that Emma’s differences are precious gifts that take them on a journey few families ever experience.
    WS 107 .E54d 2006
  • Welcome to Holland
    48 minute; DVD
    Learning Seed; 2010
    Follow the journey of three families with special needs children as they share their stories and experiences. See how they became fierce advocates for their children in order to obtain the services needed for their children to flourish.
    WS 107.5 .W449 2010


  • Central Illinois Down Syndrome Organization
    This not-for-profit organization of families and interested people works to increase public awareness, support families, and improve opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome. The organization also includes a “New Parent Outreach” program where members reach out to new parents.
  • National Association for Down Syndrome
    This Web site features information about Down syndrome, including facts about Down syndrome, links to local support groups, and links to other useful resources. The information is also available in Spanish. (serves Chicago)
  • National Down Syndrome Congress
    This Web site includes information about speech-language therapy, health care, and education.  Also available in Spanish.
  • National Down Syndrome Society
    This Web site features information about Down syndrome, such as current research, and issues associated with Down syndrome, including health concerns, behavior, education, and friendship. Some information is also available in Spanish.


The journal titles linked below will take you to the publisher's homepage. You can ask your local public librarian how to obtain these articles or contact us for more information.

  • Exceptional Parent, 27(2), 46–47
    Offering Hope, Not Don’ts: Great Expectations Pay Off.
    Jerry Sullivan. (1997)
    A father explains how he challenged the stereotypical limited abilities of children after his son was born with Down syndrome.
  • Exceptional Parent, 29(2), 72
    Breast-feeding When Your Baby Has Hypotonia, Congenital Heart Disease, or Down Syndrome
    La Leche League International. (1999)
    This article provides support for mothers nursing babies who have Down syndrome and information on adequate weight gain.

Web Resources

The web resources listed below provide quick and easy access to evidence-based online information.

Infants and Toddlers with Down Syndrome