Research and demonstration projects being conducted in the State relating to infants and toddlers with disabilities.

  • AIM To Be Ahead Grant
    An Interdisciplinary Model To Offer Babies Early Auditory Habilitation, Education, and Development
    Illinois State University
    College of Education
    Campus Box 5300
    Normal, Il 61790-5300
    (309) 438-5415
    This one-year, five-course sequence of study is aimed at increasing the number of personnel qualified to provide early intervention for Illinois children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Upon completion, candidates will have earned a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Listening and Spoken Language Professional graduate certificate from Illinois State University as well as having completed the necessary core knowledge competency areas needed to apply for the early intervention credential in Illinois.
  • Autism Spectrum Institute
    Illinois State University
    Uptown Crossing – Suite A, Normal, IL 61761
    (309) 438-5291
    The Autism Spectrum Institute provides support to preservice and practicing professionals as well as parents, families, and youth with autism spectrum disorders. Through practical, “hands-on” outcome-based instruction, the institute teaches speech language, special education, and educational psychology professionals the skills they need to meet the needs of individuals with autism spectrum and related behavioral disorders (ASD).
  • Center for Reading and Literacy
    Illinois State University
    DeGarmo Hall 310, Normal, IL 61790
    (309) 438-5433
    The Center for Reading and Literacy is a forum developed by the faculty of Illinois State University. It shares literary research and collaborates with those on campus, the community, other schools, and all Illinois residents. Research topics include children’s literature, reading difficulties, English language learning/bilingual literacies, and assessment. The Center for Reading and Literacy also provides consulting services for parents and children as well.
  • Early Mathematics Education Project
    Erikson Institute
    451 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60654
    (312) 755-2250
    The Early Mathematics Education Project was founded to develop teachers who know how to recognize foundational mathematical thinking —even in the scribbles of a preschoolers—and build upon it. The project studies how foundational mathematics knowledge develops among young children as well as what math teaching practices are most effective and what professional development practices are most effective in helping teachers improve their math teaching.
  • McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership
    National Louis University
    6200 Capitol Drive, Wheeling, IL 60090
    (800) 443-5522, ext. 5233
    The McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership consists of different studies and findings conducted by the center ’s faculty. There are multiple research studies on various topics, and the purpose of these studies is to build and enhance knowledge on important workforce and professional developmental issues within early childhood and education. Through this research, it hopes to provide data to policy makers and those involved in early childhood to make informed decisions about early childhood policies and practices.
  • PCRP Project
    Preparing Culturally Responsive Early Intervention & Early Childhood Special Education Personnel
    University of Illinois
    College of Education
    Department of Special Education
    288 Education Building
    1310 S. 6th St
    Champaign, IL 61820
    The Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program in the Department of Special Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been awarded a federal grant (PCRP Project) to fund students interested in earning a master’s degree, with an emphasis on working with young children, ages birth to six, with disabilities and their families. The focus of this master’s degree program is to prepare personnel who have expertise in young children’s social-emotional development as a foundation for providing culturally responsive and evidence-based services. This is a 2 year full-time master’s program on the Champaign-Urbana campus.
Research and Demonstration Projects